Introduced in the early 20th century (1925) by a group manufaturers General Electric, American Locomotive Co. & Ingersol-Rand joined forces to make the first production Diesel locomotive. They were tested by most of the major railroads in this time period, and a fair amount were bought by Class 1 railroads on long-term trail bases to prove the efficiency of an Oil-Electric or Diesel-Electric Locomotive. They saw service in places where Steam locomotives were prohibited by City pollution laws, such as New York City. Often, these diesels were assigned to terminal switching duties moving cars around a large dock or freight yard. They also found homes in large industrial operations such as Steel Mills, Mining, Logging and even construction. 

Also offered by THE WEATHERING MAN are the ALCO electric locomotives. The Electric locomotives were much more numerous than the ALCO-GE-IR boxcab diesels, and most major 'common carrier' electric railroads owned them. They proved popular and were ordered in large numbers by electric railroads not only in the US, but were exported to South America and elsewhere around the world.

This model brings together the classic look of a boxcab locomotive with a superdetailed shell, and a DCC-equipped can motor powering all 8 nickel-silver wheels.

Each locomotive will have sharp custom painting and decaling work performed by The Weathering Man. The color scheme is completely up to YOU. I can suggest a range of prototypical color schemes that these pioneer locomotives wore, however I can also create or replicate a paintscheme to fit your needs.

This locomotive features:
-DCC equipped can motor drive with 8-wheel pickup and nickel-silver wheelsets
-Seperately applied metal grabirons
-Optional Choice of Standard Oil-Electric, Diesel Electric, Pantograph Electric, or Trolley Pole Electric with appropriate details for each type of locomotive. (Pantograph and Trolley Poles are NOT designed to collect power overhead.)
-SOUND versions will be either Digitrax Soundbug, Soundtraxx Tsunami or ESU LOKsound, depending on  buyer preference.
-Optional Engineer and Fireman figures to add life to your model.

Locomotive also available in HOn3 and HOn30 narrow gauge variations.

Time to construct: Please allow 6-10 weeks. 

PLEASE FILL OUT "Boxcab Orderform" which is linked through the "Design your Boxcab" button below. It will automatically be sent to me for confirmation and project acceptance.
Powerful and Agile, this locomotive will run great on the mainline and in tight industrial trackage. This locomotive is shorter than a 40' boxcar, so it can take the smallest switches and it also performs well on grades with additional weights added for improved tractive effort.