Chicago & Northwestern 50' Boxcar
BNSF 60' Hicube "Flaming Skull"

"Saigon" Tank Car was HAND PAINTED, No Decals were used
50' Grand Trunk Western Boxcar
CSXT "Chessie Patch" Hoppers (ACF)
Union Pacific 60' Autoparts Boxcar
DTI 86' Autoparts Boxcar

KWT ex-St. Lawerence Terminal 50' boxcar

Ex Texas Mexican PS 50' Boxcar

ABOX 50' Combonation Steel Boxcar
SOO LINE 50' Boxcar and ROCK ISLAND 50' Boxcar in tiny Z (1:220) Scale.

American Borate Company ACF Covered Hopper "Rueno" graffiti

Frisco RBL insulated boxcar

Tangent Scale Models PS-2 Covered Hoppers
UP 50' Gondola with heavily dented sides.

BNSF 60' Highcube with Graffiti

RBOX Railbox with "Space" whole car graffiti based on prototype photo.

Indiana Harbor Belt Steel Coil Car in HO